Top quality smoke alarms in Brighton and Hove

At D.A Dray & Sons Ltd, we offer professional smoke alarm installation services for clients in Brighton and Hove and across Sussex. Contact us to let us know your requirements.

Smoke detectors for your home

Having working smoke detectors in your home provides vital protection from the dangers of fire. They provide an early warning, which gives you more time to save lives. Contact D.A Dray & Sons Ltd, and we will install smoke alarms in convenient places within your home to give you reasonable warning when you are asleep. Depending on the size and layout of your home, we can install single or multiple smoke alarms to provide sufficient warning.

What our electricians can install?

  • Domestic fire alarms
  • Smoke detection systems
  • Commercial fire alarms (panel type with detectors, sounders and break glass points)
  • Domestic interlinked mains (powered with battery backup and smoke detectors)
  • Emergency lighting and more

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  • Our domestic heating services include

  • Electrical heating
  • Storage heating
  • Convector heating
  • Energy efficient electrical heating
  • Installations of Dimplex storage heaters
  • Haverland energy electrical heating

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